Cheer Apparel – Vancouver, WA

It seems like just just yesterday that we really discovered Cheer.  We had printed some camp shirts on an occasion or two but our eyes were opened to the cheer apparel market’s potential when we met a young girl who seemed a little too happy.  She came to the table to buy a shirt and was carrying […]

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Vancouver WA’s best screen printers – Vancouver, WA

Your life is already complex enough but you decided to head up getting orchestra shirts this year for the high school. Now you are regretting it because you realized you don’t know what you’re doing.Every day people come in and realize that they are not just getting a shirt but that if they do this wrong everyone will […]

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How we made a local school $1,400 with one event!

We keep getting asked ‘How we made a local school $1,400 with one event’ and felt like it was time to tell everyone the story. A few months ago we were approached by Camas High School and asked if we could sell the

shirts for this year’s Knowledge Bowl. No problem. They also wanted to make […]

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Charity fundraisers – Vancouver, WA

Hello!  Welcome to Brainless Tees, Vancouver’s home for charity fundraisers!  We are the best printers in Clark County for customer satisfaction and willingness to go the extra mile for our customers!  We have been putting in a lot of time lately doing charity wor for people who need to take their fundraising to the next level. […]

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Mobile Events – Vancouver, WA

Good Morning!  We did one of our awesome mobile events in Hillsboro this last weekend for the Hillsboro Volleyball Club!  We made a custom design for them and offered bright shirts and hoodies all weekend and it was a great success.  We met tons of awesome people and coaches and everyone had an awesome time!  If […]

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Best Screen Printers – Vancouver, WA

Here at Brainless Tees, we pride ourselves on being Vancouver’s best screen printers.  We have developed several unique ways to make your life easier when you order apparel.  One of the most popular is the way we package orders for distribution.  Each order is placed in it’s own bag with a copy of the customers […]

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