Fort Vancouver gymnastics online design


These girls designed their own piece with another online designer.  They came to me with a screen shot and a request for a quote.  It was a very simple design but would require me to redesign the thing for printing.
This is where I had an idea.  I gave them a discount that totaled up to […]

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Why working with Dave Pilcher has been good for me and for him.


I started this piece to tell the story of how we created a great looking hoodie for Heritage high school seniors class of 2017 but after a few sentences quickly realized that I wanted to tell the story of working with a particular customer.

I understand that a lot of customers are looking for a printer […]

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5 tips for getting a great shirt design

For a long time I struggled to generate good designs and then I started not trying to do it from scratch.

This is the story I tell everyone:
You need fan wear for volleyball and can draw.  You say “I am locking myself in my bedroom and will not emerge again until I have come up with […]

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