Reduce the risk for Crossfit workout apparel in your box.

Crossfit is a phenomenon that has swept across the country and won’t be going away anytime soon.

If your the owner of a box your going to want to get your logo on your customers.  Your Crossfit marketing needs to be done right.  Your customers are not just about health but about braggin’ rights so even if […]

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Shirts for the therapy llama

Shannon showed up one day a couple of years ago.  I know exactly what day it was because we were getting ready to record a video when she came in.  She was nice enough to let us have Rojo join us in the recording.  When Rojo sneezed it led to one of the funniest outtakes […]

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Nameless Racing, two Camerons and a fast print.

Last year we visited Nameless’ shop in Woodland and were blown away.  They run out of what was a car dealership so they have that vintage showroom look in their entrance which is a lot of fun.

In the back they are all business with shelves full of parts and bays full of cars being worked […]

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Custom shirts for Spartan Races

Custom shirts for Spartan races are awesome.  Make a memento of your event participation and have something to take pics in.  Most of the time your not going to wear it while competing but when your done.  Making team shirts for Spartan races and Tough Mudder should be fun.

Let’s talk about making it fun.

You can […]

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Fort Vancouver gymnastics online design


These girls designed their own piece with another online designer.  They came to me with a screen shot and a request for a quote.  It was a very simple design but would require me to redesign the thing for printing.
This is where I had an idea.  I gave them a discount that totaled up to […]

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Why working with Dave Pilcher has been good for me and for him.


I started this piece to tell the story of how we created a great looking hoodie for Heritage high school seniors class of 2017 but after a few sentences quickly realized that I wanted to tell the story of working with a particular customer.

I understand that a lot of customers are looking for a printer […]

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5 tips for getting a great shirt design

For a long time I struggled to generate good designs and then I started not trying to do it from scratch.

This is the story I tell everyone:
You need fan wear for volleyball and can draw.  You say “I am locking myself in my bedroom and will not emerge again until I have come up with […]

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Volleyball apparel – Vancouver, WA

We print for sports that run all year round.  Volleyball is played on the hardwood for nine months and then a break for sand volleyball in summer.  That pause is the only break that their jerseys and practice gear get.  In no other sport that we print for do the athletes end up throwing themselves […]

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Cheer Apparel – Vancouver, WA

It seems like just just yesterday that we really discovered Cheer.  We had printed some camp shirts on an occasion or two but our eyes were opened to the cheer apparel market’s potential when we met a young girl who seemed a little too happy.  She came to the table to buy a shirt and was carrying […]

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Vancouver WA’s best screen printers – Vancouver, WA

Your life is already complex enough but you decided to head up getting orchestra shirts this year for the high school. Now you are regretting it because you realized you don’t know what you’re doing.Every day people come in and realize that they are not just getting a shirt but that if they do this wrong everyone will […]

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