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Easy Designing
  • Our shirt designer is easy to use and lets you customize your shirt in almost any way.
Fund Raising Made Easy
  • You determine the profit & we cut a check at the end of the sale
No Handling Money
  • Once you have created your items, there’s no more hassle chasing everyone down to collect money!
  • We let each person who wants a shirt place their own order, all you need to do is share the link!
No Complicated Order Forms
  • Say goodbye to long form ordering with our super easy process!
  • Each person simply chooses their size when they order and we do the rest!
Easy Distribution
  • We make handing out orders easy with our unique packaging.
  • Each individual order is bagged and labeled separately. (see picture)
  • No more confusion of trying to match everyone to a giant pile of shirts!
Man handing neatly bagged item to customer
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