Vancouver’s Best Screen Printers – Vancouver, WA

Hello!  We are Brainless Tees, Vancouver’s best screen printers!  We specialize in school wear and athletics but are experts in all forms of apparel printing!  If you want something decked out with glitter, sparkles, rhinestones or foil, we got exactly what you want and can work with you to make your apparel ideas come to […]

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Groove Nation Dance – Vancouver, Wa

Good Morning!  Just wanted to show everyone the awesome hoodies we made for Groove Nation Dance!  They are a champion quality group out of Vancouver,  WA and always have awesome looking gear for their awesome performing teams!  Find them online to see what the hottest new dance fashions are and check them out on Facebook.
These […]

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Camas Girls STEM program!

Check out the shirts we made for the ladies in the Camas STEM program!  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and it’s a nationwide program that helps teach the next generation of great American thinkers!  Show your support by high-fiving anyone who is wearing this shirt and be sure to pay attention to […]

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Rojo the Llama!!!

Hey everyone!  I wanted to share with everyone the awesome new design we have here at Brainless Tees.  We were asked by Shannon, the head llama wrangler at Mt. Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas, to whip up some awesome shirts for Rojo and his charity work.  They turned out great and people love them almost […]

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New Letterman Jacket styles are here!

Our new styles of Letterman jackets are here!  We have great looking, light weight jackets that are perfect for spring weather and let you show off your school spirit in style.  Regular letterman jackets are super heavy and cost a ton.  Our new style looks amazing, is light weight and we can customize it in […]

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Real Prints Start at Brainless Tees

The folks at English Racing say that “Real Boost Starts At 30psi”, and they build some of the fastest cars on the planet. We’re proud to be printing these hoodies for them! So we say, “Real Prints Start At Brainless Tees!”

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More From the Sparkley Front

Here’s the finished back of one of the Heritage High School Cheer Jackets, SWEET! And another photo of some glimmering stones waiting to be drafted into the design! More to come…..



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Cruisin the Gut 2015

This is our first production shirt that was created in our online design studio!!

Thank You Directors Mortgage and Premiere Property Group








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7 and Counting!

It’s official, we now have seven school stores open on the Brainless Tees site!
It’s super easy, just click the Schools tab on our main menu and find your logo! You can design custom shirts, hoodies and other cool swag!

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Design a Shirt on Your Phone !

At Brainless Tees you can design a shirt on your phone or tablet! Just click on the Design Studio tab from our main menu and give it a try!

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