Shannon showed up one day a couple of years ago.  I know exactly what day it was because we were getting ready to record a video when she came in.  She was nice enough to let us have Rojo join us in the recording.  When Rojo sneezed it led to one of the funniest outtakes in Brainless history though it’s in the video and takes up the last 3 seconds of it.

Since meeting her she has released two books and done countless events.  We follow her on instagram and find that she always posting fun stuff with Rojo and Napoleon.

Shannon has been doing events with her therapy llama for several years now and has fans across the country.  She shared pics of people as far away as Florida wearing one of our shirts.  These people have never seen Rojo except on the internet.  With a simple print design like that you can’t help but be intrigued though.

Rojo is awesome and so is Shannon.