Custom shirts for Spartan races are awesome.  Make a memento of your event participation and have something to take pics in.  Most of the time your not going to wear it while competing but when your done.  Making team shirts for Spartan races and Tough Mudder should be fun.

Let’s talk about making it fun.

You can go to to get started.  Here you will find dozens of templates for the races.  For the price you would spend on an event shirt you can get a custom shirt for your team.  You can order just a single or one for the entire team.

Go with as much color as you want and we won’t get mad or bump up the price.

If you want exact colors you will need to make sure that you use a white shirt.  Our process is just like your ink jet printer.  If you put in a piece of gold paper your going to get a tinted image.  At the end of the article we have pics of what a design looks like in the designer and our composite proof before printing.

We don’t print white in this process.

However if your after a shirt that will breathe, give you lots of colors and you can do a one off if you want then this is the process for you.

If you want you can design the front and back then save it off and send the link to your partners.  They can alter the back and each one of you can order a single copy from the design you adjusted.  That is some individualized team gear if there ever was such a thing.

Good luck to everyone competing in Montana at the Montana Spartan Race Beast event next month.