These girls designed their own piece with another online designer.  They came to me with a screen shot and a request for a quote.  It was a very simple design but would require me to redesign the thing for printing.
This is where I had an idea.  I gave them a discount that totaled up to about $30 for them to design it with my design studio.  They wanted to save a few bucks each and had a bit more time than money.

A day or two later they had the art done with my tools, in vector and with money in hand.  They gave my sales guy the sizes and names to go with it.  The job was turned especially quick because of the prep that they did.

Brainless Tees has been doing custom printing in Vancouver, Washington since 2010.  We got our start in a gymnastics club.  Our very first print was for a gymnastics club actually.

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