How we made a local school $1,400 with one event! How we made a local school $1,400 with one event!

How we made a local school $1,400 with one event!

We keep getting asked ‘How we made a local school $1,400 with one event‘ and felt like it was time to tell everyone the story. A few months ago we were approached by Camas High School and asked if we could sell the

shirts for this year’s Knowledge Bowl. No problem. They also wanted to make it a fundraiser for

the school. No problem. People will be ordering from around the state. No problem. The shirts

need to be ready a week after we shut off sales. No problem. They also want to customize the

backs with names. No problem

The instructor supplied us with art, and told us that they wanted it available on gray and black

shirts and hoodies. We set up the store and sent him the link. Nothing happened.

As it turned out we had the store set up before a preliminary competition that qualified people

for the state competition. When the sales came they came quickly and with all kinds of


We made it so that the kids were able to put their school name on the back, or their own name if

they wanted.

From the schools perspective it was awesome and Sam Greene told us about it in our Google

review. One of the things that made this so good for Sam was that every order was separated by school

and had the name of the purchaser on the bag. Each school was grouped and boxed to make

distribution even easier. Nobody wants to separate their orders and find the ones with the

names on the back. Why not just help the customer out by putting each order in the bag for


A couple of weeks after the event a check goes out and our work here is done.

The school collects $1400 and all they really had to do was just post a link. They handed out

the shirts that were already separated into shipping bags. No muss ­ No fuss.