Last year we visited Nameless‘ shop in Woodland and were blown away.  They run out of what was a car dealership so they have that vintage showroom look in their entrance which is a lot of fun.

In the back they are all business with shelves full of parts and bays full of cars being worked on.  Jason was good enough to give us a tour and explained the history of some of the cars that were being worked on.

We came into contact with them at the same time we started printing for one of their driver Cameron Moore.  Cameron races out of Battle Ground Washington as a Formula Drift racer and has long list of accomplishments.

Cameron has one of the slickest designers around doing their art.  His name is Cameron Browne.  The designs that he has put together are very clean and stylish.  Here is video of us printing one of his designs.

Good art can make prints look effortless even if they are not.  The art that he has sent us has always been properly formatted and ready for us to turn a set of shirts the next day.

It seems that when a job comes through for these guys they need it in a hurry because the next race is going to be on them before they know it and fans love wearing them.