Crossfit is a phenomenon that has swept across the country and won’t be going away anytime soon.

If your the owner of a box your going to want to get your logo on your customers.  Your Crossfit marketing needs to be done right.  Your customers are not just about health but about braggin’ rights so even if you give away a shirt they may not wear it if it’s heavy cotton and has a thick print on it.  They certainly are not going to wear it while working out.

You need the right clothing with the right print in front of your customers.  They will buy it if you do it right.

Crossfit boxes have unique challenges.  Boxes average 75 to 150 people and an awesome sale is about 50% of the box to buy.  You can’t really buy 200 pieces in order to the really good prices but cannot really afford to buy just 25 pieces and get mugged at the lower end while you experiment on what your customer wants.

Let’s go over some options and get a solution for you.


You don’t want 100% cotton because it doesn’t breathe well when your working out.  A 50/50 will do the trick in most cases and Polyester is either loved or hated.  Looking around the box you can figure out what is popular whether it is heathered grays or fluorescent colors.  Getting the cut is not too hard because the workout clothes are going to be tanks and tees generally.

Then your off to the hoodies and the apparel people wear when they leave the box.

Performance hoodies are super popular right now and so are 50/50 hoodies that are light weight.

  100% polyester comes in a range of colors.

Anvil 987 100% cotton shirt with hood.

A light hoodie that can be worn anywhere. 



Polyester is binary; people either love it or hate it.  My experience has been one or the other.  This is a basket you don’t want to put all of your eggs into.

If you could it would be awesome if you could say “One of those and one of those and those look interesting” without a downside.

The Order as you go system.


In a regular order you pay a set up fee a do a run of shirts with a minimum of 24 pieces.  You don’t get good pricing on your small run because you have to spread the set up over those 24 pieces and that can add anywhere from $1.50 per piece of apparel for a single color to multiples of that price as you add colors.

Our system will allow you to pay the set up and basically have prints ready for a year.  You can call or email an order in.  We ask that you order a minimum of 5 pieces.  The price stays the same for the printing regardless of how many you order so it is in your interest to get only what your wanting for the immediate future.  Your ROI is very short with this and your likely to make money before you get the apparel (most of the time your looking at 5 days).

There is a set up fee of $30 per color which is standard for screen printing and then $20 to initiate the system.

Crossfit apparel

Crossfit 50/50 blend

If you want to order a couple of tanks, a moisture control hoodie, a 50/50 shirt and a crew sweatshirt that will be just fine with us.

Yes convenience does cost.  Your looking at about $2 per unit more in costs for this service.  You will only use what you buy and not have money tied up in apparel that may or may not sell.

This can also give you the flexibility of ordering 15 different pieces of apparel and putting them out to see what is popular.

Wouldn’t that be nice to not risk a stack of money hope to break even in two months?

The only way that you can goof this up is if your art is terrible and you need to change it, but if your art is bad would you prefer having 10 pieces or 75 pieces of it?