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Vancouver WA’s best screen printers

Your life is already complex enough but you decided to head up getting orchestra shirts this year for the high school. Now you are regretting it because you realized you don’t know what you’re doing.Every day people come in and realize that they are not just getting a shirt but that if they do this wrong everyone will think that they trusted the wrong person for the job. If you hire the wrong printer and they don’t deliver on time it’s on you. If they don’t deliver at all and you gave them money (this happens) then you really screwed up. If you put up a lame or worse yet a tacky design then you’re responsible for all of the embarrassment of the kids. Let’s take these problems head on…..

1. We aren’t going anywhere. Brainless Tees has been Vancouver WA’s best screen printers since 2010 and is continuing to expand. We are not the new kids on the block and have printed truckloads of shirts. We specialize in apparel printing and this makes us very very good.

2. We turn jobs in under two weeks guaranteed. We have always turned jobs quickly but with our automatic press we can actually do runs at speeds of 650 pieces a per hour if the art is right.

3. With our online designer and hundreds of pre designed shirts you can quickly and easily put something together. There are 1200 pre designed templates that can be easily modified, 750 fonts and thousands of pieces of clipart that you can recolor.

4. You don’t have to actually make the design. Tell the kids to put some designs together quickly and send you an email (this is done inside the designer). Select the one that works best and let us put a store together for you.

5. After the sale is over we will print, separate and bag each order and let you know when to pick up.

6. We had one person pick up their boxes of shirts and did not know that we separated all of the orders for them. They told us that they were going to set the boxes in front of the class and kick it over saying “come and get them”.

If you want to have your custom shirts made by Vancouver WA’s best screen printers, then look no further than Brainless Tees!