Screen Printing:

Screen printing has been our main focus for the better part of a decade. Over this time we have fine tuned our skills and picked up a few tricks along the way so that we can be your advocate in the printing industry, giving you the best up to date tools so that your vision is realized as elegantly as possible.


We’ve embroidered hats, jackets, bags, shirts, you name it. If you have questions about how embroidery will work for you, give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.


This super flexible process allows us to replicate detailed full color images while still maintaining the integrity and functionality of your favorite polyester activewear.

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Design Studio:

Looking for a way to design shirts for your company, family gathering, or sports team? Whether you were born an artist, or are a design novice, our design studio gives you the tools to create your own eye catching designs. Instantly see what your shirt will look like from your computer or mobile device.

Our vast library of customizable designs allows you to pick a design you like and turn it into a design you love! Change the text, font, colors, and more. Do you work with Photoshop or any other graphic suite? Upload your finished art and place an order within minutes.

Click here to see our Design Studio in action!

Screen Services:

Gathering loose or torn screens?

Let us turn that wasted storage and material into fresh, money making screens. We will strip, clean, and stretch old frames with the mesh of your choice. Printers can be particular about their screens. Let us know what you need and we will make it happen. Custom frames, high mesh count, special glue, we make sure you get the tools you need for success.

Use Our Darkroom!

We have years of experience burning screens for our shop and others. Let us do the grunt work so you can focus on the work you love.We understand that in this industry, a fast turnaround is vital. That’s why we offer next day burning service and guarantee the quality of our burns. Conveniently get your orders done faster, cleaner, and better.