Custom Glitter Combinations:

Add an a fantastic sparkle to your apparel in the colour of your choice; we mix our own glitter inks so you can get exactly the look you want. Perfect for showing school colors or simply wearing something dazzling!


Use it as an Accent or a Centerpiece:

Whether you’re after something shiny, patterned, or even holographic, foil can add a distinctive flair to any design. Choose from our diverse library to find the one that’s right for you!


Add a Tasteful Sparkle to Your Design:

We offer rhinestones in a wide variety of size and colour. Whether you’re just dotting i’s or going all out, we’ve got you covered!

Special Effect:

Give Your Design a Boost:

Boost your design from cool to awesome with metallic, puff, black light, or any of our other effect inks!

High Resolution:

High Definition Printing that Doesn’t Compromise your Art:

Converting gradients to super-fine halftones and burning images onto high-mesh screens enables us to print your art while respecting the effort put into it.


Whatever the style, we have it:

Whether you know what brands you like or are new to the apparel industry, we can help; soft, durable, moisture-wicking, fashionable, whatever your qualifier is, we’ll find apparel to match your needs!