Look Like a Million Dollars

Every Hat pictured here was sold at full price.  They paid $409 for 24 hats. You have an opportunity to get the hats for free.

Let's face it when you look professional people will treat you better.  Get the edge over your competition and look better when you arrive to talk to the customer or GC.  These hats will be worn by anyone you give them to; so you can get your name into more places than people with boring hats.

You can get $409 worth of hats at no charge if you have never worked with me before and spend $1000.  This is a very low bar especially when you consider the value of your employees being walking billboards at the bank, grocery stores, and restaurants.

To get started click the green "click to get started" button or the brown "Let's Chat!" button. 

All right, so, leather patch hats have been extremely popular for several years now. The image is etched in with a laser and these things come up beautifully. This hat Here comes in 60 different color combinations. While the beanie comes in 20 different colors. So, you can choose from a rectangle, a square a circle. You can do this thing there's a ton of different options for you. The, the main thrust of this is hey you know what I want you to come and be a lifelong customer of mine. So I am going to deliver something just over the top. basically 40% off your first order. So, I'm believing that I'm going to be able to serve you in such a way that you're so happy that you're going to come back over and over and over again. Okay, so if you want to take advantage of this opportunity. Click on the link that says get started here or click on the link that says chat. And we can start a conversation and get things moving for your project. Okay. It is not difficult at all, to hit $1,000 in product order. Okay 55 hoodies alone would do that, 130 t shirts alone would do that. That's assuming that you go with a left hand chest print with one color. And on the back you did one color on the back too. Okay, you can get there faster by going with a higher grade hoodie, or you can go get there faster with doing multiple colors, you can just get a left chest and then you get buy more product, but the point is is that I'm here to make it so that you're successful your company looks sharp, your company looks super super professional and when they go out into the public they're treated that way. So, come to the showroom. Click on the link, give me a phone call, however you want to get a hold of me. Let's do this. Okay. In the showroom here, I have dozens and dozens and dozens of different pieces of apparel I've got a whole rack full of coats and jackets. I've got a wall that's covered with polos with safety shirts with reflective vest with a whole ton of different products, and you can

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