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Eddie Bauer Waterproof and Breathable Jacket

Eb 558. This is an Eddie Bauer weather edge jacket.

It comes in sizes, extra small, and goes up to 4xl, the colors that it comes in our black Cobalt Blue River blue Navy, and it also comes in metal gray gray steel.

The fabric is using this is their 5k fabric which is a high waterproof. And it's also a breathable performance material so the vapor that builds inside of a waterproof coat can dissipate.

This thing's going to last you a very very very long time.

This coat also has some really cool pulls on it that are really elegant. It's a beautiful, beautiful jacket.

I would highly encourage you to embroider I wouldn't go near this with screen-printing.

I'm Adam Funderburg, the owner of Brainless Tees, I want to remind you to never apologize for being awesome baby. Bye.

Brainless Tees has been delivering a great look for over ten years right here in sunny Vancouver, WA. Give us a call and we will help you out with your clothing needs for both laborers and the office that supports them.

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