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Embroidery vs Screen Printing

Updated: Jul 17

So screen printing versus embroidery. With respect to embroidery, you're going to want to do this for your frontline salespeople, anybody that's out there that pre-sales. So your salespeople that are networking, that are meeting customers, that are out quoting stuff, bidding on stuff, you want them wearing embroidery for their jackets, their quarter zips, their polos, all of that sort of stuff. Because it says that we do quality work and that we don't cut corners. With respect to your office staff, some of your office staff, you'll definitely also want to have wearing embroidery for the same reasons. You got to send that message that we do quality work. With respect to your installers and your laborers and that sort of thing, that is definitely where you want to go with screen printing. You want your guys showing up clean, you want them showing up tidy, and you want them giving that impression that they're clean and tidy people. Because they're going to be affecting the people around them. So the other time that you'll do embroidery is if you're going to be giving your employees a gift, like a Carhartt coat or something like that. You want them to have that thing for six, seven, eight years, and you want your logo to be looking sharp and spectacular the whole time. Screen printing generally looks good for a couple of years and then it starts to crack. It's not designed to go six, seven, eight years. And if you give them a Carhartt that can go a decade, then you want the decoration on it to look great the whole time as well.

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