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Office polos matter

Office shirts are very important.

When a potential customer walks in they need to see professionalism. It sets the tone for the relationship. If you show up sharply dressed and with a logo well embroidered on the left chest it demonstrates that you don’t cut corners.

Dressing sloppy or casually sends the message that that is how you conduct yourself.

Your employees will conduct themselves in a professional manner when they are dressed in a professional manner.

Are there exceptions? Of course, there are exceptions to all principals.

Do employees drive better when in a company vehicle? Yes. Are there exceptions? Obviously.

Polos are the most common shirt for the office worker. They come in a huge range of colors and styles as well as pricing.

If you are on a tighter budget you can get your shirts down at $12 before embroidery. I have seen polos sell for as much as $85 before embroidery and they are the one product that has the largest range in pricing of anything we provide.

The way to determine what you can afford is to first start out with answering a few questions.

How many shirts per employee are you going to provide? I suggest 6 so that they are always able to wear a clean one without any excuse.

What industry do you work in? Some customers will care more than others. Who do your employees work with? The employee at an auto parts store is going to wear a different shirt than a salesperson at a company that builds multi million dollar homes.

Go and look at apparel. At our showroom we have a range of products and they difference that $5 makes is huge. You can get a heavy cotton polo for very little or you can get a silky shirt that will never wrinkle for a few dollars more. When you actually see the shirt hanging on the hanger you can see the difference in quality. The right shirt will be clear to you and you cannot get that from a catalog where they have models wearing perfectly ironed and lighted clothing and where they just edit the wrinkles out.

This will cost money up front but after you have walked into your business for the first time and see a team you will not go back to the “wear what’s comfortable” clothing again.

Adam Funderburg

Owner, Brainless Tees

We have been providing apparel in Vancouver Washington since 2010 for the office and for the workers in the field.

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