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ctk84 Carhartt Henley product review

All right, this is the Carhart CTK 84. It is a short sleeve Henley t shirt. Now, this shirt here is made from 6.75 ounces of very very tough fabric. 6.75 ounces, is a fairly heavy T shirt, the colors that it comes in are black, carbon heather, heather gray and Navy. Now, the things that make this shirt distinctive are that it has three buttons, a pocket and slightly longer sleeves than normal. Now, this shirt here could be decorated with either screen printing or embroidery depending on what you're using this for. To learn more information on those topics, go check out my blog on screen printing versus embroidery, where I go into a little more detail as to why you would choose one over the other, and why you would stay away from one entirely. I'm Adam Funderburg, the owner brainless CS, reminding you to never apologize for being awesome every. Bye bye.

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