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Ladies Carhartt Full Zip Hoodie

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

All right, welcome to the showroom. Let's jump right in. This is a lady's Carhartt full zip hoodie comes in a couple different colors. This is extremely soft. And if you've ever handled like the rain defender. You'll notice that the rain defender is spongy as it is, it has a coating on it for rain repellent. Right. This here does not have the coating. It is just a very very soft piece of apparel. As far as decoration goes, I suggest that you go with embroidery on this, because most of the ladies that I see in the offices are the frontline employees. They have direct contact with the customer. Anyone that has direct contact with the customer should have embroidery, so that you're always projecting quality, quality, quality sales people that sort of thing should always be decked out head to toe. Really nice they should be wearing embroidery on their jacket, they should be wearing embroidery on their shirts, they should be wearing embroidery or a leather patch on their baseball cap. If that's how, you know, they get down. So, As far as this goes this piece here could definitely take screen printing. I tell people that the, the decision making criteria with going with embroidery versus screen printing is how long is the apparel going to be worn How long is it going to last. Okay, so if you guys, if you got guys out there, swinging picks and shovels and hammers and that sort of thing. Generally speaking, unless they're buying a really nice Carhartt jacket like this one over here. That piece isn't going to last for years and years and years. Right. If you buy one of the Detroit jackets from Carhartt then yeah, quit embroidery on that thing. Yes. That thing's gonna last for years and years and years that's a good investment. If you buy a hoodie. You don't need to spend the money on embroidery it's just waste. Okay, put a screen print on it, and it's good. Anybody that's dealing directly with the customer as a representative of you before the sale salesman frontline office people should all be wearing embroidery, because it projects, a, an era of quality, and people expect to pay more for quality. If they're all showing up in screen printing, people are going to be way more apt to negotiate on you. Okay, so this piece here. Fantastic super spongy very soft comes in a couple different colors. Has the really nice upgraded hood. Any of these hoods that have the, the two seams on it. It's just going to fit better. It's not going to be all cone shaped and these subtle things actually do matter. Okay, this one also has. I love the the Carhartt hole for the zipper, AND THE Carhartt zipper. They both have a really distinct color to them. And it just makes them really nice I deal with a ton of different products around. And my favorite detail, as far as zippers and poles and that sort of thing go is a car hard is it, it has that feel like like you're not going to have to break the thing in. So anyway, that's this and if you want to come into the showroom here in sunny Vancouver Washington and take a look at all of the other Carhartt products from the shirts, to the hoodies, to the jackets, come on down. You're also going to find some Eddie Bauer products in the showroom some ogio. And you'll find a lot of really really great products for the blue collar industrial type companies, and for the opposite supports. I'm Adam Funderburg, the owner of brainless CS, reminding you to never apologize for being awesome baby.

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